Thursday, January 13, 2011

Half a year i Moldova

Today is it exactly six months since I arrived in Moldova, which means that I only have 4½ months left before I go back to Denmark. So far it has been a good experience. Lots of up's and down's but I guess thats normal. It has (already) been a long winter and to be honest Chisinau isn't a very nice city in the winter. In the summertime there's a lot of trees that makes it a very green city but when the leaves fall from the trees, it becomes very obvious that it's mostly Soviet-style concrete buildings here. Also the streets gets muddy very easily when its raining and they dont do nothing when it's snowing to prevent the streets from being all icy and slippery. But except for the 'winter-issues' I like it here. I'm starting to understand some parts of the culture and to understand a little Romanian. I'm still not very good at it and once again foreign language has proven difficult to learn. I had lessons twice a week in november and december and it helped a bit but i tend to forget the words.

I stayed here in Moldova for christmas even though most other volunteers were going home. I was tempting to do the same but to reasons kept me here. I wanted to experience a moldovan christmas (or actually two moldovan christmas'es) which turned out to be okay but not nearly as good as all the memories I have of danish christmas. It might be because I'm getting older but i think christmas is meant to be spend with family. The other reason though is that when I go back to Denmark I want the felling of getting home after a year abroad and I think it would spoil it a bit if i went back for christmas. It might sound like a weak argument but it's quite important to me.

Tomorrow morning I will start on a new project. So from now on I will be working three different places. It's another center for children but at this place there might actually be work to do. It's quite early in the morning and I have to wake up at half past six. Kaori is a little concerned because she don't believe that I can wake up that early but I've managed to do so every day in 13 years so I might be able to do it again. Except for that I'm looking forward to it. I'm gonna be working with Kaori and hopefully I will get the feeling of being usefull.
My 'old project has become more and more boring and atm. it's mostly teenagers coming there to talk with there friends and watch television.
The place where I teach chess is nice. Except for teaching chess I help the kids with their homework when it's needed.

Yesterday we had a poker night at my flat. We played 5 people and used our bani's as none of us had any poker chips. When we started I had more than 400 coins which I had collected (they are worth so little so instead of having the trouble trying to pay with them I just put them in a drawer when i get them) but i lost a lot of them during the night. We played two rounds. The first of them didn't go so well and I went out as the second. I should have won second round but under very lucky circumstances Julien (my flatmate) won that one as well - and the bragging rights, which was the most important because after 5½ hours of playing I had lost 20 lei which is about 1,20 euro.

Thats all for now

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Great Story

Last night I went to 'The Flying Pig' with Mark and a Scottish guy (can't remember his name). It was a great night, probably the best in a long time and it wasn't even because of some girl, but the atmosphere and the live music were legen...

Anyway - we met this britsh guy called John who said we should join his 'runningclub'. They had some very good beer at the place so I'm a bit foggy about the details but I promised to show up today for a run.

When I woke up this morning I didn't feel that well and it didn't make it better that Daria from the office and told me that the owners would come and for some (to me) unknown reasons turn off the water in the flat for a few days. After calling Kaori to make sure she would be home I decided to join the 'runningclub'.

At the beginning we all drove to the 'rich' part of the city where another guy from the 'runningclub' had made some trails. It turned out that at every crossroad we had to run a long way down to check every possible way to se if it was the right way. After 7 km. and a lot of checking for false trails we arrived to the supplies which turned out to be mostly chips and beer. And reorganizing the supplies we ran home again and the 'real' club-thing could begin.

We all stood in a circle and 'Selfabuse' turned out to be the religious master of the Hashers! 'Selfabuse' was the club-name of John and he was in charge of the punishments. Everyone who had made something "illegal" during the run where to go to the middle of the circle and get his or her punishment.

I was puished myself because someone saw somebody in some black and white shorts doing something "illegal" (it wasn't me but I was punished anyway). I also got punished for being a "Frontrunner" for being new in the club and for wearing a hat in the cirkel (which they had just given me).

Part II - The punishment!

Being punish in 'club-manner' is to go to the middle of the circle while everybody else singing a song about the crime (they new a lot of songs).

The songs all ended but down, down, down, down... At that time we had to down a beer.

Afterwards we went indoor and had a great meal that the host had prepared and some more beer.

Part III - conclusion

Slowly during the day I figured out what it was all about. I thought I was just going for a run with some unknown people but it turned out to be much more than that. They call it 'A Drinking Club, with a Running Problem' and thats quite a good way to explain  'Chisinau Hash House Harries'. I think I'll join them again in two weeks when they once again gather and try to get rid of their running problem.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

The tournament!


It has been a while since i last updated my blog. Last time i wrote it has just turned "Winter" but after 2-3 cold weeks it became warmer again and this week it has been warm enough to go outside in a t-shirt without a jacket.

The badminton tournament was last weekend but I lost so no more about that. At sunday we played doubles but my partner had to work so I got a new partner. An old man who had no idea how to play double. I talked to him briefly the first day where hen seemed to be able to speak english but apparently he had forgotten that when it was double time. After losing doubles as well I was very disappointed and I haven't played badminton since that day!! (It's just a coincident, and I will start playing again next week)

I've got a new job at another center where I teach the kid's to play chess. I like it but it's only 2 hours twice a week so i still work at the 'old' center as well. I expected to teach them like a teacher but they just want me to play against them so thats what I do.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Visit from Denmark

Last week my father, brother and sister were here to visit me. I was so good to see them again and it gave me a good excuse to go see all the tourist attractions in Chisinau. We went to two museums, the cathedral in the center and two of the markets. It wasn't that exciting but it was nice to be with my family again and to me i didn't really matter what we where doing. We also went to some resturants; twice to my favorite resturant where they serve pancake with all kind of stuff, La Placinte so they could taste some moldovan food and the resturant next to the place they lived. That place was called 'The Danish House' and was owned by danish people so maybe i'm not the only Dane in Chisinau. The place where very luxuary even compared to danish standards so I stayed at their place most of the week.

Im still playing badminton but I've been told that I can't play at the place with the handball court next to it because we where too many. It's a shame because I really liked it there. Not the settings but the people playing there. Fortunately Maxim has found another place where i can play but I haven't heard much about it yet. The tournament has been exposed once again so now it will be the 11th and 12th of november "for sure". :D

This weekend we will have a halloweenparty in my flat. it's on saturday so if you are a volenteer and read this you should know that you are invited. Dress code: of course :P

see ya all!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Last week i got a huge chock; I was walking around the city wearing my jeans and a t-shirt. The weather was good, 25 degrees and almost no wind, but then suddently there was a loud ' bang' and it turned into winter. It has been freezing cold ever since.

I didn't write on my blog last week so there is nothing about my birthdayparty, Ola and Marta's goodbuyparty, the "party" we had at my work, Samiras birthdayparty, the new place I play badminton or me being lazy watching 'How I met your mother' instead of writing a blog.

But first things first. I had a great birthday, after 8 p.m. Before that I was pissed of because of my computer. It wasn't working and I had to reformate all of it. After that was done we had a party in my flat and it was great. Only thing was that Tanya had decided that we should meet in the center at 9 a.m. next morning to make our resident permit. And so we did, and now I have a resident permit with a picture of me having a hangover. (awesome)

Ola and Marta's goodbuyparty was as expected. Good but too much vodka :D What can I say - "Polish people" :P I'm gonna miss those two girls. And now nobody will understand we when I call a girl 'skarbie'.

The party we had at my work was the lamest thing ever. The day before I spend most of my time making paper flowers. I do that a lot on my work so i'm getting pretty good at it. The reason why I did it was that there was huge lack of decorations on the walls. The manager didn't wanted it to be  possible to see the wall so see wanted flowers to cover the spots between the flowers we had already made. After too many flowers I was told to hit some nails in a concrete wall with a pingpong bat. Thats kind'a hard. Next day we had the party and everybody was excited. There was some kids dancing and pretending to be singing and the some speeches that would have been boring even if I understood it. After that there was some kind of disco with some 12 years old girls who wanted me to dance. That was a long day...

Samiras birthdayparty was very good. It was after it turned winter and I spend most of the time outdoor but except for that everything was great. It was at 'the squat' which is the new place to go! It's not the place itself that makes it great but the people fighting for their rights to keep it. The times i've been there there has been people making fire and playing guitar, singing and having a good time. It's quite easy to find - Just follow the hippieathmosphere. :D

This friday I started playing badminton at a new place. It's a big hall with badminton courts in the sides and a handball court in the middle. The conditions are better than the place where I used to play except for the fact that people are actually playing handball 30 cm away from the badminton court. Guess I just have to get use to it.

I have felt quite lazy for the last couple of weeks. I don't know what it is, there is just not as mush fun as there used to be. That makes me stay more home which makes me lazy. Lately I have spend too much time watching 'How I met your mother' and too little time hanging out with friends. I think I need to change some habbits. Btw - 'How I met your mother' is awesome. :P

Thats it for now. Hope i'm not too lazy to write something next week.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

At our pre-departure-training we were warned agaist up's and down's during our volenteering. So far I've been thinking that it might be the case for some volenteers but not for me. The first two months was very exciting. I learned a lot and spend all my time doing things I wanted to do. I still do that but it isn't as exciting anymore. I'm getting use to my work, my badminton isn't improving as fast as it did when I started practicing again, and when I go to a bar with my friends it's like 'been here, done that'.
I also miss the 'old' volenteers. We had a great time together but most of the people who was here from the 'beginning' are gone now. The new volenteers are great but they don't know the city yet and often I show them where we used to have fun but it's not the same without the people I had the fun with.

I might sound a bit depressed but maybe it's just my mood following the shitty weather we have had lately. It's my birthday on thursday and we are going to have a party in the flat. Im really looking forward to it and my lovely flatmates has promesed me a cake :D

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Everyday life


So far I haven't been writing much about my everyday but now I will.

Usually I wake up between 10 and 12 o'clock and check my phone. I Maxim (my coach) has text me about badminton I sleep a bit more and enjoy the morning and then head of to Buicani to play badminton. Otherwise I eat my musli and put on my trainers and go for a run. I have to run to get in good shape before the tournament but despite the fact that it isn't that tempting to wake up and start running it actually feels quite good after the first kilometer. After badminton/running I go to work. Except for to day my work always starts at 3 p.m. My job is to play with the kids in the center which include a lot of ping-pong UNO and four in a row. It's not that challenging but it's close to my home and I only have to be there a few hours a day. Sometimes there is no kids at the center and then me and Aurelia, who is the other volenteer working there, spend some time drinking tea and eating cookies with the other employees. There are two girls working in the office and a singing teacher and a painting teacher. One of them speaks a little english but if she's not there one of the others say somthing that includes 'acasa' which means she wants us to go home. Back home I try to find an easy way to get dinner. Often I go to a resturant with some friends which in many cases are as cheap as cooking yourself. If I'm busy I just eat some bread with cheese and sausage and go do whatever makes me busy. If I don't have any plans for the evening me and my new flatmates cook dinner together. My old flatmates never made dinner together but I think it's a good idea. Then we all get to taste some different food and we can get a good meal more often.

So thats what a noraml day is like.

see you!